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i feel. i love.
I write.

     My Life these days revolves around HEALING & CREATING with lots of LOVE      

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September 15, 2018

I am in LOVE with this VOICE that is inside me

When it screams, it is a voice that is beside me

When I hear it on the outside

It has qualities of a shout

Cause it’s trying to get out

But if I just let it be

And express who is me

Then it flows, and it glows and it goes

It is a voice that knows

So I ask you to be patient with the process

Cause if I try to force it out

It becomes a big mess

So ease on in

To the you that’s always been

And you will know

As you go

Cause it will flow

I am in LOVE with this VOICE that i...

August 19, 2018

The Language of Confidence

It has a distinct Rhythm



It uses distinct Words

That vibrate uniquely

To Alter Your Being

And Resonate Beyond

those to whom you speak

The Language of Confidence


Ever Cell in Your Body

And Ignites

All who Hear, See and Read

It’s Communication

The Language of Confidence

Is ever more powerful

When you are physically


To It’s Spoken Word

Because you can Feel

Even more Powerfully

It’s Vibration

The Language of Confidence

Asks not

For Permission

of the Truth

It asserts


August 9, 2018

We are ALL hiding…

Come Out

Come Out


Come out here

so we ALL can see

the YOU that is meant to BE

Come out

Come out

Where I can have

a good long look at you

Yes I have been here all along

Silently loving, watching and listening

to all you do


I am right by your side

Holding you tight

With all my might

Holding you up

Until you can stand


Come take my hand

And step out


Come out

Come out

And take a DANCE around the world

Show me all the Glory

That Being which is YOU

I always knew…



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