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Power Can

Only LOVE will shine

It’s all in your state of Mind

You can fight and claw

Your way to the top

Make lots of money

And buy material things

Till you drop

Only your Mind don’t stop

No matter how much you give IT

IT always wants more

Your Mind has you buying and obtaining

Everything in the store

It won’t stop for a minute

It won’t give you Peace at all

It keeps propelling you forward

Until you fall

And still your Mind don’t stop

Only in that moment

That you fall from Grace

You have the Supreme Opportunity

To find that Space

That space in your BEING

That speaks of who YOU ARE

It is crying out to you loudly

The Simple Path to your shining star

Power can

Only LOVE will shine

It’s all in your state of mind

Your mind tells you to keep climbing

You’re sure to reach grand heights

If you would only push on forward

With all your Power and Might

You’re gonna pop

You’re going crazy

And still your Mind won’t stop

Then somewhere deep within you

A soft whisper catches your ear

It asks you to BE STILL


Of the Fear

Power can

Only LOVE will shine

IT promises you a Path

Of no resistance

Of Joy and Ease

Can you let go of the fear of not having?

Can you do that?


It makes a Promise to you

That if you Let Go

Release it all

Then you will come to know

The Flow

The Flow

The Flow

Do you know?

The Mind will cause

Your best efforts to come to ruin

Using your own Power instead of Love

Do you know what you're doin?

Using Force Fails

You’ve heard the Hollywood Tales

You have got to use the power

of a Higher Love

Learn to rise above it all

and float like a Dove

In today’s world - Power is abused

and love is practiced not

Can you look into your Soul

and see the Power of Love you’ve already got?

Power can

Only LOVE will shine

Love holds All the Answers

It has no need to ask why

Love is Wisdom, it is Infinite

Much bigger than the sky

And yet it is held within a small space

Contained in a place, within YOU

If you can only tap on in

with all that you do

Everything you do

is Everything you are

If it comes from this Space

You can be that Shining Star

Don’t let your TRUE LOVE be forgotten…

One must come to understand the difference

between Power and Love

If we wish to BE

all that we Dream of

Power can

Only LOVE will shine

It’s all in your state of Mind



It will be a BRIGHTER world

- PEACE out -

© Laura Martorella 2007

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