September 15, 2018




I am in LOVE with this VOICE that is inside me

When it screams, it is a voice that is beside me


When I hear it on the outside

It has qualities of a shout

Cause it’s trying to get out


But if I just let it be

And express who is me

Then it flows, and it glows and it goes

It is a voice that knows


So I ask you to be patient with the process

Cause if I try to force it out

It becomes a big mess


So ease on in

To the you that’s always been

And you will know

As you go

Cause it will flow


I am in LOVE with this VOICE that is inside me

It’s a creature all its own

That wants to get free



Sometimes it creeps on out

And then it scurries about

But then it runs back inside

It’s always trying to hide


What’s up with that?

Don’t you run back!

Get out in the world

Take a turn about

Kick up your feet

Let your hair down



Cause I am in LOVE with this VOICE that is inside me


And I want it to be heard

Don’t say another word

I’m telling you like it is

Don’t be gettin in my biz


Cause I’m in LOVE with this VOICE that is inside me


Let it be

Let it be

Let it be


Let it be FREE

It’s ME






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