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The Language of Confidence

It has a distinct Rhythm



It uses distinct Words

That vibrate uniquely

To Alter Your Being

And Resonate Beyond

those to whom you speak

The Language of Confidence


Ever Cell in Your Body

And Ignites

All who Hear, See and Read

It’s Communication

The Language of Confidence

Is ever more powerful

When you are physically


To It’s Spoken Word

Because you can Feel

Even more Powerfully

It’s Vibration

The Language of Confidence

Asks not

For Permission

of the Truth

It asserts

with a Knowing

Of what the Speaker

Deems to be SO

(perhaps consciously, not even they know)

To Speak or Write

The Language of Confidence

One does Not

Need to know


One only needs to

Look Boldly

Into the Core

Of one’s Being

To Reflect

The All Knowing

Essence of You

This Brilliant Essence

Of Who we Are

Never Falters

The Confidence

That lies

within each and every one of US

Is encased

Within Your Essence

And when we Dive

Straight into

Our Essence

We Swim

with Confidence

Confidence Rises

to the Surface

Creating our own

Stroke of Genius

This Language of Confidence

Consists of words

that communicate

Our Unique Genius

Only YOU know the words

Of THIS Language

The time is NOW

To speak

YOUR Language of Confidence

Be Clear

Be Loud

And Be Proud

Be Confident

“Swim with Confidence – the Genius Stroke” - LMM

my tribe media, copyright © Laura Martorella 2016

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